Netgear Arlo Security Cameras Account Setup

Netgear Arlo Sign-in Account Registration

In order to configure and run your Netgear Arlo pro security cameras, you would require to have the Arlo app. The app requires you to create an Arlo Netgear login ID. For this, just download the app from Google play store or Apple store, then open the app and select new user. You would require an email address and a password in order to create an account. Once your account is verified, then the job is done.

If you are unable to register through the app, then you can also go to their website at to create your Arlo account.

Netgear Arlo base station setup

Once your account is created, it is time for Arlo base station setup. First, plug the power cord of the base station and attach the Ethernet cord to it. Then wait for it to connect to the internet. Once it is connected, the lights of the base station would light up. Once that is done, put the batteries on the cameras. They require 4 lithium ion rechargeable batteries each. You do not have to buy them separately as they also come with the package. These batteries can power the cameras for up to 5 months before needing a recharge. Put them in the correct order and then press the buttons that are there on the camera. You can also press the button that is present on the base station. These are buttons that would sync the cameras with the base station. If the lights are blinking, that means that the syncing process is ongoing. Once the buttons stop blinking, that means that the syncing is successful.

Now it is time to fix the security mounts on the wall. The screw set is provided with the mounts, so use them when you are drilling holes on the wall. Once the security mounts are placed, simply attach the cameras to them. You need not worry about the cameras falling as these mounts have extremely strong magnets that would keep the cameras fixed in their position. You don’t have to use these mounts if you don’t need them as the cameras can work perfectly fine on their own and can support themselves when kept on a flat surface.

But keep in mind one thing that the Wi-Fi range of the Netgear Arlo pro base station is not unlimited. So make sure that your Arlo cameras are placed within the range or the base station would not be able to send or receive any data from them. Also, the lesser the barrier between the base station and the cameras, the stronger would be the signal between them. Once everything is properly placed, the Arlo camera setup and the Arlo base station setup are complete.

Arlo new system setup

Though all the physical setup of the Netgear Arlo security system is done, you still have to configure its settings on the app. For this, go back and enter your Arlo Netgear login ID. You will see different choices of modes for your cameras. They would be the armed mode, the disarmed mode and the create mode. These modes are the ways in which the cameras would basically operate. When you select the armed mode, the Netgear Arlo cameras would turn on their motion sensors to detect any movement. Once they do detect any sort of movement, they would immediately alert the owners by sending an email or a notification to their phones. At the meantime, it would also start recording the footage of the intruder as soon as it is detected and then send it to the owner. This mode is best used when you want keep surveillance when no one is present in the property.

If you choose the disarmed mode, then it would disable the motion sensors and would not send any alerts to the owners. It would however, still be active. This mode is used when you are present within the property. You can easily switch between these modes any time you want through the Arlo app.

These modes can also be configured to switch on their own at any particular day of the week or even at any given time of the day. By default, this switch has been fixed to 8 am to 5 pm for armed mode and from 5pm to 8am for disarmed mode. You can easily change these settings by clicking on the pencil icon present at the edges of the buttons of these modes. Once you click on it, a calendar will be shown. Here, you can select the days of the week and even the time at which you would like the switch to happen.

However, these are the predetermined modes that you can choose. But if you wish to make some settings where only some cameras change their modes while other cameras remain the same, then you can do so by creating your own modes. This is generally done when you are at home and want to switch to the disarmed mode for the cameras that are inside, yet keep the outdoor cameras in the armed mode in order to keep an eye on your car or on your backyard. In order to do that, click on create mode option. It would ask you to choose the cameras which you would wish to configure. Once chosen, it would then ask you about how you would like to activate it. Once you have chosen your option, it would then ask you to configure the Arlo motion detection settings of the motion sensors. The level of sensitivity would determine how much movement would require for the cameras to detect and become activated. The higher the sensitivity, the more the cameras would be prone to become activated even at the tiniest of movements. After the Arlo sensitivity setting is done, you would get to choose the duration of the video footage that would be recorded. It can be anywhere between 10 seconds to 120 seconds. After that is complete, you would get the choice for ways you would want to receive the alerts. There are various options such as emails and notifications, so pick any or all of the given options.

And with that, the whole Netgear Arlo Pro2 setup is complete. As soon as any intruder is detected, you would immediately get the notification along with the recorded footage of the intruder. After that, you could choose to report about it to the authorities, or activate the alarm of your home base station. The home base station would start creating sound that could go as high as 100db. With its wide angle lenses, you can be assured that no intruder would go unnoticed from the eyes of Netgear Arlo pro security cameras, and you can remain confident that your property will remain well guarded.

If you come across any issues, then you can click Arlo Support section to check out some frequently asked questions and Arlo customer service if you wish to contact the Arlo support team.

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