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Netgear Arlo is dedicated towards providing top quality customer service for its customers. Although best efforts are put forth in order to make sure that the customers have a pleasurable and hassle free experience with our products, sometimes certain issues can popup which can become a hindrance when it comes to using the said products. In such situations, Arlo support is always available to assist their customers in every way possible. However, before reaching out directly to Arlo for help, one can check out its other platforms for help. If you are having issues with installation or need some guidance, then you can check out the support page where multiple articles and videos are posted regarding tips and guidance for using Arlo security systems. You can also checkout this article regarding how to set up your Netgear Arlo pro security cameras. You can also check out our community forums if you wish to connect with other Arlo users in hopes of finding solutions for your problems.

However, along with those options, you can also check out our frequently asked questions section below that answers various questions that are asked by many users.

Frequently asked questions

My Arlo security system is not connecting to the Wi-Fi. What to do?

Sometimes, you might come across a problem where your Arlo security system is not being able to connect with your Wi-Fi. There can be several factors for this. First check if your Wi-Fi settings have IP restrictions. It is possible that your Wi-Fi is configured in a way where it only allows IP addresses to connect that have been given specific permission. In order to change this, go to your router settings. In order to access your router settings page, just open your web browser and type ?router/? on your search bar. If that doesn?t work, then type in the IP address of your router. You will be taken to your router?s homepage. There, make appropriate changes to the settings so that connections are not blocked based on IP addresses.

If changing those settings does not help, then chances are that your camera might not be receiving the Wi-Fi signal for the home base station. Either the camera is too far from the home base station or there are far too many barriers between them. Materials like bricks, metal, glass, solid wood and any insulation material reduce the strength of the Wi-Fi signals. In such a situation, try to change the camera?s position or bringing it closer to the home base station.

The footage from my camera is missing. Where did it go?

If you are utilising the free version of Arlo app and using that app to watch your videos, and suddenly one day you find that one your videos is now missing, then chances are that that video has been deleted. The free version of Arlo app stores 1gb of cloud storage service for the last 7 days of footage. So, if your storage limit has crossed 1gb, or if the footage that you are looking for is older than 7 days, then it might have been deleted. One can easily circumvent this problem by buying a subscription to the Arlo app. Subscriptions remove these limitations and allow you to store more information for longer periods of time.

But, if your video has disappeared despite it being less than 7 days old and having cloud storage, then contact Arlo support immediately.

How can I transfer videos to my computer?

If you want to transfer videos to your laptop or your Personal Computer, then you can do it by linking an external storage device to the home base station. Just plug the storage device to the home base station and all the videos would be now stored in that storage device.

However, note that storage device needs to be properly connected, it should not be corrupted and that enough space for the videos should be available. If either of those are not there, then the videos will not get stored in the storage device.

What is an Arlo cloud service?

Arlo Cloud StorageArlo cloud service is a cloud based storage service provided by Netgear Arlo to store recorded videos on their servers. Once the videos are stored in Arlo cloud storage, then one can watch those videos anytime they want from the Arlo app. There is the option for availing either free Arlo cloud storage service or taking up one of the various offers of a subscription. The subscription to the Arlo cloud service would remove those limitations and subscribers would be able to store more and more videos. If one does not want to avail cloud services, then they can always store the videos directly on their storage device by connecting it to the base station.

However, the disadvantage in this situation is that you won?t be able to access the videos online and watch them wherever you want. In order to access those recorded videos, you would have to carry the storage device with you. Furthermore, if anything happens to the videos in the storage device, then the responsibility would rely upon the customer itself. But if something happens to the videos stored in the cloud storage, then Arlo support will be able to intervene and help the customer retrieve the lost footage for him. They would be able to quickly respond and help you deal with the issue.

What is a cloud?

For those who are not well-versed in the field of technology and have basically no idea what a cloud is, then know that cloud storage means storing your files in a third party server using the internet. These files can then be accessed from those third party servers by the internet again. This helps saving space on your devices and you can access them from anywhere if you have an internet connection. There is more to cloud services than just storage services, but for the purposes of Arlo cloud services, it is fixed to providing data storage services.

Why are the cameras not recording?

If you find out that your cameras are no longer recording, then it could be due to a variety of reasons. First, check the battery of the cameras. Because the battery backup of the cameras can last for months, it can be easy to forget when the batteries run out of juice. If the batteries are dead, then take out the batteries and recharge them or replace the batteries with already charged ones.

If the batteries are fine, then check the connection of the cameras, the home base station and the Ethernet cord. It could be that the cameras have de-synced from their home base station. In such a case, sync them again. Check this article to know to sync your cameras. Then check if the home base station is getting proper internet. The cameras can only work and send their information if the internet in Home base station is working properly. If the internet has stopped working, then contact your network operator immediately. You might have also shifted the placement of the camera and put it far out of the signal range of the home base station. That could also be the reason why your camera stopped recording or sending videos. However, if the internet is fine, yet the Home base station is not detecting Wi-Fi, then refers to the first question above or contact Arlo tech support.

If all of those are working fine, then check your app or your storage device in which you are recording your videos. Chances are that your videos are being recorded, but the app is deleting the old recordings (If you are availing the free subscription model), or your storage device might be facing some problems due to it becoming full, getting corrupted or there is no more space available in the storage device.

There are some problems with video quality.

If you try to watch footage and find that the videos are recorded in very bad quality, or has become choppy in places, then it could be due to some network issues with the Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi signal is uneven and is cutting in the middle, then it might also be affecting the recordings of the Netgear security cameras. This means that the information packets are not being sent properly to the cameras or the home base station. In this case, make sure that you are getting a stable internet connection.

It could also be that the lens of the cameras have become dusty and could use some cleaning. Accumulated dirt on the camera lenses can also reduce their recording quality by a significant mount. You might also want to login to your my Arlo account and see if there is any setting that is causing the videos to record in low quality. If there are options, then select to record in highest quality.

How do I download the Arlo app?

Arlo app is available in Google play store for android devices and in Apple store for iOS devices. You can download the app from those stores for your mobile and tablet devices. However, Arlo app is also available in certain TV apps. So if you have a TV with a TV app that has Arlo app in it, then you can use that app to access Arlo directly from your TV.

How to setup and configure the Arlo system security?

In order to configure the Arlo system security, you must first download the Arlo app and then create an account in it. That can be done by providing an email and a password. Once that is done, you can login and then customize the cameras and the home base station according to your knees. For more information on how to setup your Arlo security system, check here.

?You can also log into Arlo app from your TV. If your TV app store has the Arlo app available, then you can log in through it to access your My Arlo account and make changes accordingly.

What if my problems are not related to the product?

Not all problems occur due to some problems with the product itself. Many times, the issues can be due to several other factors with which Arlo tech support might find itself hard-pressed and incapable of solving such a problem.

For situations like those, you can ask other Arlo users from all around the world using our community forums. There are plenty of advices given by other users from their experiences. You might find solution to your problem there. Even if the solution is not available, you can put up a question, urging the users to reply to it. Hopefully, you will find users who would be able to help you with such a situation.

What if I lost my account login details?

In case you forget your login details, then in the Arlo log In page, you can click on the option of ?forgot password?. You will be asked for your email address to which a link will be sent. Through this link, you can put up a new password. This password will override the previous one and now you can use the new password to access your account.

Arlo Tech Support Team

Even after all the above mentioned solutions, if you are unable to find an answer, then directly contact Netgear Arlo support team through their support section. You can directly have live chat with them through their contact us website. For more information, you can check out here.