How can a user enhance the picture quality of netgear arlo camera?

That?s all users need to do for enhancing the picture capturing quality of their arlo security camera. Hope, it proved to be informational. For more such information, always feel free to access arlo support page.?

Varying the power management option and ensuring the minimum required internet speed can help users in improving the picture quality of an arlo security camera. The complete step wise procedure for enhancing the video quality of an arlo has been shared here.

Improving the picture quality of an Arlo could be an easy task if done under arlo support or with the help of a defined step wise format. Here?s the complete procedure to enhance the picture quality by configuring the settings of power management to best videos and by ensuring the minimum required internet speed.

Changing Power Management Settings: Kindly refer to the following steps for setting up the power management option to best videos.

  1. Download and open an Arlo application on any of your internet supporting mobile device. In case a user doesn?t have the arlo app, they visit to sign in to your Arlo account.
  2. Type the Arlo account credentials in the provided blank space and click on the ?Sign in? button.
  3. Once the Arlo account opens up, locate and click on the menu icon for an Arlo camera whose power management option needs to be varied.
  4. Choose the Arlo camera for which power management setup needs to be changed.
  5. Open the ?Device Settings? menu.
  6. Under Device Settings click on the option for ?Video Settings.?
  7. Now, click on the ?Power management? option available at the video settings page.
  8. A list of power setting options will show up, so select the option labeled as ?Best Video.? This will lead to more battery consumption but will enhance the quality of recordings being done by the Arlo security camera. In future users may also opt for ?Best Battery Life? and ?Optimized? mode also. Best Battery Life mode will lead to decreased video capturing quality but will increase the battery life. Optimized mode creates a balance between the quality of recordings and the life of battery. It means the quality of video at this mode will be neither too high nor too poor.

Ensuring minimum required internet speed: Check and ensure the internet network being used by your arlo has a consistent minimum upload speed of 1 Mb per second or more than this. For an assured minimum speed requirement, users should run a speed test and check the present upload and download speed.? To run a speed test users need to browse ?Run a Speed Test? from any of the browsers on their internet supporting device. A list of options will open up, so open any of the links and click on the button to ?Run Speed Test.? Multiple uploads at a time can slow down the internet speed which in turn can result in decreased video quality. So users must ensure that that multiple files are not being downloaded at a single point of time. Also, users must avoid the uploading of any file while they are streaming any of the video files recorded by their arlo. Here the uploading of files may refer to the uploading of videos, torrent files and pictures to any social media platforms, cloud drives like Dropbox or website like YouTube.

Check the Router settings: The settings of router being used for internet connection must be checked. If the router being used features traffic shaping or Quality of Service then its settings should be configured to optimized mode while viewing videos.

In case of Arlo Wire-free and Arlo Pro wireless cameras the image capturing quality of an arlo can be increased by following ways:

  1. Check and make sure the camera is placed within the defined range of your camera?s base station. Usually, the average coverage range of base station remains to be 300 feet. But a slight decrease in this range can be experienced due to presence of obstructing objects like thick cemented wall, large water drums, electronic devices, etc. So, users must ensure the camera is receiving at least 3 to 4 signal bars in the area where you are trying to finally position your Arlo. At times, when the signal bars go less than two bars then there could be chances of camera going out of range. It can be due to fluctuating network speed due to which video quality might also get decreased.
  2. Try to decrease the number of available internet networks, wireless devices and frequency of transmission around the Arlo camera and its base station. In order to avoid signal interference, try to position your camera at 10 feet of distance from its base station. In case, of multiple cameras users must ensure a minimum gap of 6.5 feet between them. Always try to place camera and its base station away from wireless mobile phones, Wi-Fi supporting devices and microwaves.

That?s all users need to do for enhancing the picture capturing quality of their Arlo security camera. Hope, it proved to be informational. For more such information, always feel free to access Arlo support page.

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