How Does ?Push-To-Talk Feature? Work On The Arlo Cameras?

Arlo cameras have become tremendously popular due to their incredible features and functionalities. The ?push-to-talk? feature is one of the brilliant features in these cameras. Let?s dig it deeper in this post.

Different times, we talk about different Arlo camera. Today, Arlo Q is the topic and yes the main topic of ?push-to-talk? feature is coming on your way shortly.

You can contact?Arlo Customer Service?team to know about the ?push-to-talk feature? in detail. The customer care professionals are experienced enough to answer your all queries regarding Arlo cameras.

The brilliant yet innovative specifications of Arlo Q cameras include 130? field of vision, 1080p resolution, Geofencing, night vision range of 25 foot, compatibility of 2.5 and 5 GHz, IFTTT capability, Custom modes, and Magnetic base.

The Arlo Q camera is a classic, brilliantly-designed, and wired indoor security camera that you can install any place. You can also install it anywhere in a nearby location of an outlet.

Arlo Q is a little camera that boasts a magnetic base along with more than one mount options. Thus, you can install it on a bookshelf. And surprisingly you can stick this camera to your fridge.

Fortunately, Arlo Q is equipped with all the features and functionalities that you could expect from brilliant indoor security cameras, such as person detection and night vision.

A small drawback of the Arlo Q camera is five-second lagging in the live feed as well as notifications. You can talk to?Arlo Support Number?to know more about this issue and the technique to resolve.

With the brilliant features of Arlo Q camera, you can easily know while a person is walking in your dining hall. And the best part is you wouldn?t get frequent notifications when your pet jumps on your table.

With the Geofencing feature, your Arlo Q camera makes use of the location of your phone for arming and disarming the particular camera.

Arlo App is incredibly easy-to-use and it?s super intuitive. Apart from the Geofencing and standard scheduling features, Arlo also offers ?modes?. Modes enable you to set rules that would determine the behavior of your camera.

In the Arlo App, you need to just click or tap the modes tab and then you?ve to add a Mode button to set up your rules. It?s simply simple.

Push-To-Talk Feature

Arlo Go, Arlo Q, Arlo Q Plus, Arlo Baby, Arlo Pro, and Arlo Pro 2 cameras enable the procedure of two-way communication between mobile devices or computers and cameras.

The ?push-to-talk? feature is used to speak from the mobile or computer device that you?re utilizing to see your camera.

Users of Arlo camera can easily speak to their family members or pets that they are viewing on their camera that is too on a real-time basis.

How can you use the push-to-talk feature?

You need to follow the below steps.

First, you have to launch the Arlo App or sign in your Arlo account by visiting

Now, click or tap ?Devices?>?Live? that would show ?Microphone? icon.

Now, it?s time to click ?Microphone? icon.

Next, you?ve to press and hold the ?Microphone? button and then start talking.

A noteworthy point is that whenever you?re talking to the opposite person, you can?t listen to any sounds from your camera until releasing the ?Microphone? button.

Now, you?ve to release the ?Microphone? button to listen to sounds from your Arlo camera.

After completing the use of the push-to-talk feature, click the ?X? button.

Remember, audio would be recorded only from the camera end. And the voice of the viewers wouldn?t be recorded and wouldn?t be audible throughout the video playback.

In a nutshell, the ?push-to-talk? feature is very useful for every user of Arlo security cameras.

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