How to change the Motion Sensitivity on Your Arlo Camera?

The demand for security cameras is increasing day by day and in this scenario, the brilliantly-designed Arlo cameras have become one of the topmost choices of the consumers due to their smart functionalities. If you are already an owner of an Arlo camera and now want to change the motion sensitivity feature of it, then the following post will help you.

The Arlo cameras are not less than a breakthrough in the world of security cameras. Nowadays, criminals have become very much advanced and they continuously keep on innovating different tricks to fulfill their goal. It has made most of the people worried and so they are desperately looking for a device that will guard their possessions (both residential and commercial) 24/7.

Arlo cameras keep on serving their purposes by working like a digital watchman without any break. You can take help of the?www?Arlo Com Support?to know about the different types of Arlo cameras.

Different types of Arlo cameras are available in the market today, equipped with brilliant functionalities. The best part of these cameras is their wireless nature that means you don?t have to waste your valuable time or invest money by calling an electrician for arranging wires. The Arlo cameras are very easy to install and even a layman without sufficient technical knowledge can easily set them up.

Another worth noting point of Arlo cameras that has enhanced their popularity is the free cloud storage facility for seven days. On the other hand, with its competitors, you will get the same facility for only two hours to one day.

You will be glad to know that the Arlo Pro cameras can be easily used in both interior and exterior of your household. These cameras feature rechargeable batteries, two-way audio as well as night vision functionalities.

Each of the Arlo cameras has to be connected to a hub that will work as the network point as well as local storage system of this particular camera. In the question of handling multiple cameras simultaneously, a hub system is very important to improve the internet connection. On the other hand, if you are about to deal with a few cameras, then utilization of a hub is not at all important.

Arlo cameras have come with incredible features and the most prominent ones are as follows:

  • The Arlo cameras have come up with a simple-to-execute wireless setup with which the users can easily place this incredible camera, as per their convenience without any requirement of handling wires.
  • The Arlo cameras are featured with weatherproof casing, accompanied by the IP65 rating functionality for the utilization in the outdoors.
  • You will get a brilliant video quality of 720p HD.
  • The Arlo cameras have come with the LED night vision of 850nm of capability that is able to illuminate at most 25 feet in the dark.
  • The Arlo cameras are featured with the free cloud storage facility for video clips for the time period of up to seven days.

Some of the brilliant features of the?Arlo Pro cameras

Apart from the aforementioned features of the Arlo cameras, the Arlo Pro cameras include the following upgrades:

  • The Arlo Pro cameras are equipped with a rechargeable battery that can save you from a huge investment from buying new batteries.
  • The wired, as well as wireless options, will help you in plug in it, however, you have to be careful that the respective cord has not been rated for outdoor utilization rather it should be only meant for inside usage.
  • The users of these incredible cameras will get the facility of the local backup storage whenever they plug their USB drive into the respective hub.
  • The Arlo Pro cameras are also featured with the facilities of a 130? field of view as well as the motion detection feature that is 20? wider than Arlo.
  • The users of this camera will be provided with the facility of two-way audio so as to enable them to speak via the camera through the application even from a remote area.
  • The livestreaming capabilities of the Arlo Pro cameras for the duration of 30 minutes at a stretch are capable of preserving battery.
  • This camera is also featured with a smart siren that can be easily turned on from a remote location through the application. It can also be set to turn off once sound or motion has been detected.

To know about different Arlo cameras, you can contact the?Arlo Camera Tech Support Phone Number.

How to adjust the Motion Sensitivity Feature of Your Arlo Camera?

In order to adjust the motion sensitivity feature of your Arlo camera, you have to execute the following steps:

  • First, you need to launch the Arlo application or should log in to the respective Arlo account by visiting
  • Now, you have to tap or click ?Mode?.
  • It?s time to tap or click the respective device whose motion sensitivity feature you want to modify.
  • Next, you ought to tap or click the ?pencil icon? positioned next to the mode whatever you want to edit.
  • In case of the Arlo Wire-Free cameras as well as the Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras, you have to click ?Edit? or click the ?pencil icon? placed next to the rule whatever you want to modify.
  • Now, it?s time to move the respective slider for adjusting the motion detection?s sensitivity level for this particular camera.
  • In case of utilization of Arlo application, you need to tap ?Save? and then ?Edit Rule? to go back to edit the mode. Upon the completion, click ?Done? to stop editing.
  • In case you are using a computer, you have to click ?Back > Save?.

Congratulations! Your motion sensitivity settings have been successfully saved. ?Any type of difficulty in executing the above steps can be solved by visiting?Arlo Sensitivity Setting.

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