How To Configure Additional Mobile Devices To Work Under Geofencing Network Of Arlo Security System?

Geofencing refers to the virtual fencing around a specific area that allows the discovery whenever something gets into that area. Here?s the list of steps to add any of the mobile devices to geofencing network of an arlo security camera.

Many of the arlo users enable geofencing feature to offer advanced security to few specific areas of their premises. Enabling this feature helps in receiving alerts whenever anything enters in or gets out of the geo-fenced area. Geofencing helps to reschedule, arm and disarm the modes of an arlo security camera. For an accurate geofencing, users may enable the GPS and Wi-Fi functionality. In an area with dense mobile network and Wi-Fi, the accuracy of geofencing falls between 100-200 meters. For people residing in skyscraper, the geofencing feature might not work accurately. In rural areas, the geofencing reaches to multiple hundred meters.

Here?s the procedure for adding number of mobile devices to geofencing network of an arlo. These setup steps for adding a device will only be applicable if geofencing feature has been already enabled.

Before you proceed, make sure the following pre-requisites are satisfied.

  • The configured arlo security camera is in working state and online.
  • The geofencing feature has already been enabled.
  • The mobile device you want to add has already been registered under your arlo account.
  • The owner of device being added is signed in to arlo app from that mobile device.
  • The GPS setting of the mobile device being added should be enabled.

Once all the above listed pre-requirements are met, users may refer to the following set of steps for adding a new device to geofencing network.

  1. Open the arlo application, and sign in to your?Arlo Account.
  2. After the credentials are verified, you will be logged in to your arlo account and the home page will show up.
  3. Locate the option labeled as ?Mode? and click on it.
  4. Under ?Mode? menu click on the option for ?Arlo Device.?
  5. Click once on the pencil like icon available in front of the option for ?Geofencing.?
  6. Tap once on the option to ?Enable Devices.?
  7. The device enabling page will open up. It will display the list of mobile devices that have already been enabled for geofencing along with the devices that have yet not been enabled.
  8. Devices that have been enabled for geofencing will have a tick marked inside the checkbox available in front of their name. Rest of the devices that have not been enabled for geofencing might have un-ticked check box in front of their name. Other than this, the page will show up the device location if it?s placed inside the geo-fenced zone or outside.
  9. Check in the check box available in front of the device that needs to enabled for geofencing. This will enable geo-fencing for that device.
  10. If in future, you don?t require geo-fencing for that device then click inside the check box to uncheck it and the geo-fencing feature will be disabled for that particular device.

That?s all you need to do for adding a mobile device to geo-fenced network. In case you face any difficulty while adding the friend?s mobile device under your arlo account, then kindly refer to the following procedure for help.

Procedure for adding or authorizing a friend under an Arlo account:

  1. Open the arlo application and login to your arlo account by submitting the account sign in credentials. Users can also visit to access?Arlo Sign In?page in case an arlo app is not available.
  2. After the arlo account opens up, find the ?Settings? menu and click on it.
  3. Click on the option to ?Grant Access.?
  4. Click once on ?Add.?
  5. A form will show up that might ask you submit few simple details about the friend that needs to be added. The details might include the person?s e-mail ID, first name and last name.
  6. Submit the asked details and click on the arlo camera for which the access needs to be granted.
  7. Swap h slider in front of ?Allow access rights? to right for granting the access. This step is optional. So, if you are in hurry then this step can be skipped.
  8. Click on the option to ?Send Invite.? This will send an email to that person for creating an arlo account. The request status will show as pending until or unless that person accepts the invitation. The status will change to ?Accepted? once the person responds positively to the invitation.

Hope, the entire information shared here proved to be helpful to you. In case you require advanced technical assistance related to arlo then feel to discuss the concern with arlo tech support team. Arlo has a highly skilled tech support team that is always available to assist users with all kinds of arlo concerns.

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