How To File Return Material Authorization Request For My Netgear Arlo Camera?

Are you trying to file Return Material Authorization (RMA) request for your arlo? If yes, then here?s complete detail about the RMA process that might prove to be helpful to you. Kindly, go through the complete information before filing the RMA request.

Users need to get in touch with arlo tech support team for filing the RMA request for their arlo security camera. Before filing the RMA request, users must ensure that their arlo security camera qualifies for RMA eligibility criteria. After receiving a new?Arlo Security Camera Setup?System kit, if a user is unable to get the camera to working state then there could be any setup error or manufacturing defect in it. In case of manufacturing defect the arlo can be considered eligible for RMA. The exact eligibility can be easily determined by contacting arlo tech support team. The technical support team will first try to troubleshoot the concern and ensure no setup or technical issue exists. After troubleshooting if the issue is not resolved, then the tech support person might suggest the user for RMA. Kindly, ensure the arlo is never shipped back without receiving RMA authority from any of the arlo technical support persons. It is because the return of an Arlo camera will not be accepted without RMA request. The arlo product warranty will be applicable while processing RMA request.

If your arlo qualifies for RMA then pack the arlo intact and ship to the address provided by the tech support team. Users don?t need to ship the arlo accessories along with their camera until or unless an arlo tech support asks to do so. Some of the arlo accessories like power cords and wall mount are not replaced under RMA request.

If no shipping arrangements are made from the company end, then users will have to pay the shipping cost for sending their arlo to the company address. Before shipping users must ensure the courier company being used is reliable and offers tracking details for every packet being shipped. The tracking details will prove to be helpful in knowing the status of shipped packet while it is in transit. Arlo won?t be responsible in case the shipped packet gets lost during within its transit period. User will be considered solely responsible for getting the shipment delivered at Arlo office address. So, the user must keep on tracking the shipment until it gets delivered successfully. Usually, it is recommended to ship the arlo by ground that includes normal prepaid shipping charges. If in case users require faster delivery, then they may opt in for expedited shipping for which a user might need to pay more than normal shipping charges.

In order to file a Return Material Authorization (RMA) request users must ensure the availability of following listed pre-requisites.

  1. Contact details of user
  2. Serial number of arlo camera for which RMA request is being filed.
  3. Purchasing proof of your netgear Arlo Setup camera.

Once users have all of these pre-requisites, they may refer to the following information for filing the RMA request.

  • Contact arlo tech support team and discuss the requirement for creating the RMA request. The support persons will first try to troubleshoot and fix the issue. In case they fail to fix the issue, then they will create the RMA request for your arlo. Kindly, remember the arlo will only be replaced if it is found to be eligible for RMA.
  • Users may visit to confirm the RMA eligibility for their arlo. Only arlo camera is replaced, other accessories like wall mount and power adaptor are not replaced under RMA.
  • Users who reside out of USA will have to access the arlo support page to get the contact details of their local arlo support team. After viewing the contact details call your local support team and get the hardware of your arlo checked. In case any hardware defect is confirmed, then the support team will initiate the RMA request to get your arlo camera exchanged. If your arlo security camera has a return warranty, then your local arlo support person will share the RMA reference number and shipping details with you.
  • Once the RMA has been successfully, Users may pack their arlo camera securely. After packing, users must write down their name, address, and contact detail on it.
  • Now, users may ship their packed camera to the warehouse address of arlo.
  • After the returned arlo is received at arlo warehouse, the company will check the returned product and ship its replacement within few days. In case, uses want the replacement camera to be shipped before the reception of shipped arlo at warehouse then they will have to submit their credit card details as collateral. No amount will be deducted from credit card until or unless the returned product will be shipped to user.

This is all users need to know about Return Material Authorization (RMA) for their arlo. Hope you find all the details shared here informational and helpful. For more such information, always visit?Arlo Com?Login?support page.

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