How To Integrate CVR Plan With My Arlo Security System?

CVR is an optional continuous video recording feature that can be integrated with all Arlo security cameras. It offers 24*7 recording feature so that you don?t miss to capture even a single movement that happened under your arlo security camera. CVR is a paid plan and you can easy avail by following few simple steps listed below.

Don?t want to miss recording even a single movement under your camera? If yes, then here?s the Continuous Video Recording (CVR) plan for you. No matter which Arlo camera you are using, the CVR plan can be availed for all models of?Arlo Camera Setup. Be it an Arlo Q/ Q Plus, Arlo pro/ pro 2 or any of the rest arlo models, there is a paid CRV plan for all of them. All the arlo models are designed to efficiently support the CVR plan. In case of Arlo pro 2 cameras, the CVR plan will only work till it is plugged in. If the Arlo pro 2 will be unplugged, the continuous video recording will be stopped. So, in case of Arlo pro 2 you must ensure they are always plugged in for un-interrupted continuous recording. Basically, there are two kinds of CVR plans. One is valid for 14 days and another for 30 days. Depending upon the requirement of premises and the security concerns, one can opt in for any of these two CVR plan.

Kindly, remember that all the videos recorded under CVR Plan will be automatically saved to cloud database. Users can stream all these recorded files but cannot save or download a copy of it to any of their local drives because this downloading feature is yet not available with arlo security cameras.

Now, if you are looking to integrate a CVR plan with your Arlo security camera, then kindly refer to the following set of steps:

  • Download and open the arlo or?Arlo Netgear Com Support?app.?If you don?t have access to the application, then kindly visit? open the sign in page.
  • Login to the arlo account by submitting your account sign in credentials.
  • Once your account opens up, locate the icon for ?menu? and click on it to open.
  • Under menu, you will find an option for ?Settings.? Click on the ?Settings? button and go to ?Subscription? menu.
  • If you are making the changes through arlo app, then click on the ?Edit Account? option.
  • There find the option for ?Upgrade now? and click on it.
  • Choose any of the two available CVR plans i.e. 14 days or 30 days plan and click on ?Continue? button. In case, you do not want to opt for any of the CVR plans, then click on ?No changes? instead of ?Continue? button.

After clicking on Continue, the plan will be activated for your particular arlo security camera.? Once the CVR plan is activated you will be able to enjoy all of its features. Few of its features are as follows:

  • One can view the video clips of every single moment by simply clicking on the clock like icon.
  • A time and date wise access is available to all the recorded videos so that one can easily locate all the missed videos anytime they want. You need to hold and drag the timeline till that particular date and time. In order to view recordings of previous days you must scroll towards left and to view newer recording drag towards right.
  • There is an option to ?Go Live? and view the content that is presently being recorded under CVR plan of your arlo security camera. One can easily locate the ?Go Live? button at the down right side.
  • One can switch to the recordings of particular date by clicking on the option for ?Calendar.? The calendar contains numeric digit arranged with green dots. These green dots with numeric digits represent dates. The present day date it represented with somewhat big dot that other dates.
  • Under CVR recording the time and date is recorded against each sound and movement that is detected while recording.

That?s all one must know about CVR plan. This was how one can activate the CRV plan for their arlo security camera. Hope you find the procedure simple and easy to understand as well as execute. Still, if you come across any difficulty or problem in understanding any of the steps, then kindly call?Arlo Netgear Phone Number?for advanced help options.

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