How To Minimize Connectivity Issues While Live Streaming 4K Through Multiple Arlo Ultra Cameras?

Are you facing connectivity issues while live streaming 4K files of multiple arlo cameras? If yes, then here?s the list of troubleshooting steps to self address these connectivity issues at home without any technical assistance.

Users might come across connection problems while streaming more than one 4K live file simultaneously through an arlo application. Thus, here comes the requirement to optimize the connections according to the number of arlo cameras that are being accessed through a single arlo app. before optimizing the internet connectivity, make sure that the settings of surrounded environment and arlo security cameras is set to optimal.

Kindly, refer to the following steps for verifying the environment connections:

  1. If you are a mobile phone user, then check and make sure the mobile is receiving internet networks from the home router using a 5 GHz band.
  2. Ensure the device is receiving at least a minimum internet speed of 4 Mb per second.
  3. Users may browse from any of the web browsers to check the current speed of their internet network. The speed displayed after speed test might not be exactly accurate as it keeps on changing according to the level of network congestion. So to get accurate speed test results users may go through multiple speed tests.

If you notice that the internet speed is slow, then try to reset the router. Still, if you do not notice any speed increase, then report the issue to your internet service provider to get it fixed as soon as possible. Users can also ask for arlo support in case they suspect any kind of defect or issue with their arlo ultra security camera. Once you have the normal internet connectivity, you may go through the following procedure.

Steps for checking the arlo security camera setup through an arlo application:

  1. Try to optimize the power management setup for all the arlo security cameras. Users may repeat the same procedure for each arlo camera to optimize their power management settings.? Following are the steps for optimizing the power management for an arlo Ultra camera.
  • Download and open the arlo application on your device.
  • Submit the arlo account sign in credentials to open up your account.
  • Once the arlo account opens up, locate the settings menu within arlo app and click on it.
  • Under settings menu, click on the option for ?My Devices.?
  • Choose your Arlo Ultra camera by clicking on it.
  • Go to ?Video settings? menu of that camera and click on the ?Power Management? option under it.
  • A list of options will open up for power management. So choose the option ?Optimized? to enable optimization of power management settings.
  1. Repeat the same procedure for all the connected arlo cameras to ensure safe and long battery life.
  2. Disable the recording and saving of 4K video files to the inserted external SD card. Kindly, refer to the following steps for disabling the saving of 4K files to SD card.
  • Go to ?Settings? menu and click on the option for ?My Devices? under it.
  • Choose the Arlo SmartHub to which the SD card has been inserted.
  • Tap once on the ?Storage settings? menu.
  • Swap the slider labeled as ?SD card recording to OFF.? This will stop saving recorded 4K video files to the external SD card.
  1. Try to pause the live streaming of 4K videos: Users may refer to the following steps to disable the streaming of 4K video files.
  • Launch the arlo application and open up your arlo account.
  • Open the ?Settings? menu under arlo application.
  • Within ?Settings? menu click on ?My Devices.?
  • Choose the Arlo Ultra security camera by clicking on it.
  • Locate the option for ?Video Settings? and click on it.
  • Swipe the slider for ?Local Live streaming? to OFF state and the live streaming will be stopped.

Going through all of these steps will help users in minimizing the connectivity issues while live streaming multiple 4K video files. All the steps under this procedure are designed to be simple and easy to understand as well as execute. Still, if you face any difficulty while going through any of these steps, then contact?Arlo Netgear Login?support for advanced help options. The Entire tech support team is highly skilled to address all arlo concerns without consuming much of your valuable time.

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