How To Reset Your Arlo Base Station?

Arlo cameras have become tremendously popular due to their incredible features and functionalities. If you?ve purchased an Arlo base station, have used it for some time and now want to reset it to its base station, then you should follow the below post.

You might have already heard of Arlo Pro. It is a great innovation by Netgear. And it is very popular as a weather-proof, top-notch, and a completely wireless camera.

With a minimum investment of about ?300 for one camera unit along with a base station, it has streamlined the process of fulfilling the requirement of a top-notch wireless security camera.

The installation procedure is very easy-to-implement and thus naive users can also install this particular camera. Once installed, The Arlo Pro camera is an incredibly dependable and simple-to-use device. It would work as a digital security guard of your home. You can take?Arlo Support?to know more about their security lineups.

The Arlo Pro camera is able to work along with other Arlo devices. Although you need to make a considerable investment, it?ll be an idle choice to keep track of your outdoor space. This brilliantly-designed camera can be moved on a frequent basis.

The design of the Arlo Pro camera is convenient, friendly, and very functional. It resides in a high-quality and strong white plastic housing. This camera is fully weatherproof. It has been shown to survive in heavy rains and even in heavy flow from a hosepipe without any difficulty.

This particular camera boasts a 720p sensor, 130-degree lens along with a wide-angle. In the rear portion, you would find a micro-USB port for the charging purpose. A flap is also present, under which a battery of 2440mAH is placed.

The Arlo Pro camera would only work whenever it is connected to its base station. It is generally purchased with Arlo kits. Alternatively, you can also purchase it with an investment of about ?90.

Each and every feature of the Arlo Pro camera is brilliant. If you are searching for a great wireless security camera for your residential and commercial places, you can consider Arlo Pro.

Apart from the Arlo Pro camera, Arlo has designed several other cameras that perfectly match the requirements of customers. That?s why Arlo has become a prominent name in the world of the security camera.

If you want to perform a factory reset procedure, then always do remember that it will return the respective base station?s value to its default settings. And this particular procedure would also remove the serial number from the respective Arlo account. For more information, you can take?Arlo Camera Customer Service Phone Number.

How to perform a Factory Reset Procedure on the Base Station?

You need to follow the below steps to execute the factory reset on your base station.

You?ve to use a pen in order to press and then hold the ?Reset? button on the back side of your base station for around 10 seconds.

Once the reset procedure of your base station gets completed, the LEDs on the front part of your base station would flash amber. And when LEDs would stop flashing amber, the respective base station reboots. After resetting the base station, it would also remove from the particular Arlo account.

Whenever the Internet LEDs and Power both start indicating solid green, you?ve to tap the Arlo icon (on the respective mobile device). And then you need to log in to the particular Arlo account.

Alternatively, you can also visit your browser?s address bar.

Next, you?ve to tap or click ?New System Setup?.

Next, you need to execute the setup instructions.

In case your wire-free cameras have been synchronized to the base station, you might have to sync your cameras to your base station again.

Congratulation! Your Arlo Base Station is reset. For having any clarifications, you can visit?Arlo Netgear Login.

The above procedure is very simple-to-implement. But, before performing the factory reset procedure of the base station, you?ve to think twice.

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