How To Setup An Arlo Baby Camera?

Arlo cameras have become tremendously popular all around the world. And if you have already purchased an Arlo Baby camera and now want to set it up, then the post will be helpful for you.

The adorable green bunny ears of Arlo Baby camera from Netgear will make you feel happy. You can easily install it on your kid?s nursery bookshelf.

However, don?t confuse it as a toy because its high-definition monitor has come with air quality and temperature sensors, night vision, a color-changing nightlight, and most importantly a very useful speaker. To know about other Arlo cameras, you can contact?Arlo Camera Tech Support Phone Number.

The Arlo Baby camera is very cute and a great smart-home device. And it is equipped with rubber bunny ears as well as feet (removable). With the size of 4.3 x 2.6 x 2.5 inches, Arlo Baby is greatly compact and featured with a beautifully-designed wall mount plate (in case you prefer it).

If the installation process seems to be a cumbersome task for you, then you would be happy to know that this particular camera takes less than 5 minutes to set up. All you need to do is just connect the attached USB cable to your Arlo Baby camera and then plug into a power adapter.

Whenever the light starts blinking amber, you are free to launch the Arlo application on your Android device or your iPhone. And then you need to create an account and make a connection of at most five Arlo cameras that are able to display live feeds simultaneously.

Arlo Baby is featured with an onboard 2400mAh battery, however, in case you like monitoring throughout the night, continue the camera in plugged in.

The Arlo Baby camera has a default resolution of 720p and its view is 110 degrees. However, it can easily be adjusted up to 1080p and 130 degrees and at least 360p and 90 degrees.

Moreover, the respective application helps you in specifying which locations need to trigger a motion alert. It is specifically useful if you want your camera to emphasize something and ignore something. In a nutshell, An Arlo Baby camera will be very useful for your home.

If you are about to set up your Arlo Baby camera with your iOS device like your iPhone, then you can visit?Arlo Camera Support?com.

How can you set up the Arlo Baby Camera?

You need to execute the following steps to set up your Arlo Baby camera.

First, you have to connect the respective smaller?end of your USB cable to the port on this particular camera.

And then you ought to plug the USB cable?s larger end into the power adapter.

Next, plug the respective USB power adapter into a wall socket and allow your camera LED to start blinking amber.

In order to get the best experience, you need to download the Arlo application in your smartphone. And for which you need to search for Arlo in the ?app store?.

In case you?re already using the Arlo application, you have to ensure that you?re making use of the latest version. If you are interested to find out an available update, go to ?app store? of your mobile device. And then start searching for ?Arlo?.

It?s time to launch the Arlo application on the respective mobile device. Alternatively, you can also visit on your computer.

In case you?re a newbie in the world of Arlo, you need to click or tap ?New to Arlo?? and then select ?Arlo Baby?. And if you hold an Arlo account, you have to just log in and then tap or click ?Add Device?> Arlo Baby?.

Now, you ought to just keep on following the onscreen prompts in order to connect the respective camera to the particular router.

Another worth noting point is that Arlo Baby directly connects to the respective Wi-Fi network. And you can?t connect it to another Arlo camera or Arlo base station.

An Optional Step

Once you set up your Arlo Baby camera, you can watch the tutorial in the Arlo application to know about the settings and features of the Arlo Baby camera.

And in case you don?t want to watch the tutorial at this moment, you are free to restart it later from the Settings page of your Arlo Baby camera.

If you have any difficulty, doubt or query regarding any of the?steps above, then you can visit?Arlo New System Setup.

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