How To Share The Netgear Arlo Camera Access With Family Members?

Netgear Arlo is a wireless security HD camera which is used for surveillance purpose. You don?t find any need to connect the external power supply to the camera as there is a built-in power battery. If you want to share your camera access with the other members of the family, then read the content of this post and implement the same steps. In case of any difficulty or problem, feel free to contact the Netgear Arlo support. The technical experts are dedicated to solving the problem.

Do you want to share the Netgear Arlo camera access with your family members? If yes, then it is possible in Netgear Arlo. All your family members can easily check what?s going on at their home and keep an eye on it for the security point of view just after getting access to the Netgear Arlo camera. If you don?t know the steps to log in to the camera, then read the below-mentioned steps carefully.

  1. To begin with, open the Arlo app from the smartphone.
  2. Go to ?Settings? given on the main screen.
  3. Click ?Grant access?. When you click on this button, you will find ?+? to enter the email address of the family member.
  4. Enter the information as asked on the page to continue further. Enter the name and email address carefully.
  5. Tap on camera you want to provide access to. If only one camera is connected, you will get the single name on the list.
  6. Enable or disable the access rights according to your choice. Once you are done with the permissions, the third person can easily modify the settings of your camera and even change the position of it.
  7. The other members of the family can even delete the previous videos which are already available in the camera. So, you can say all the controls are now in the hands of your family members. If you want to stop the access, click on ?Stop? from the given options. To start live recording, click on ?Live? feed.
  8. Tap ?Finish? and send ?Invite?. As soon as you send the invitation, you will get the status requests on the page. When the request is approved, you will get the notification on the screen and get the ?Accepted? message.
  9. To change the ?Access? permissions, go to the ?Username? and select ?Edit? option. You can change the username, controls and other functions from the same page.
  10. If you want you can even delete or stop the person from accessing the live camera through his/her profile. To completely remove the access from the other computer, click on ?Remove?
  11. Don?t forget to save the changes once done.

In this manner, you can share the Arlo camera with any family member. We hope you must have understood the steps and try to perform on your own.

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