How To Stream Arlo Or Netgear Arlo Pro Videos Saved On Local USB Storage Drive?

All the data files being recorded by Arlo cameras are automatically saved to the cloud database. Other than this cloud storage, one can link a local storage drive to locally save a copy of these files. The files stored at local USB storage drive can be conveniently accessed and streamed anytime. If you are trying to access these files or are facing any problem while accessing them, then here?s the procedure that can prove to be helpful to you.

A local storage drive can never be used as an alternate for cloud storage. It can be used as a second storage unit for?Arlo Security Camera Setup?system. The copy of data or information being recorded by arlo will be simultaneously saved on cloud and USB storage drive. Only, the files that are recorded against any scheduled trigger will be saved to the cloud as well as local drive. All manually recorded files will not be saved to local USB storage drive and will only be saved to cloud database. To enable a local backup users have to go through a certain procedure for adding an external USB storage drive. Once the drive is successfully added, the arlo will start saving a copy of data on it. After installation of USB drive, if you wish to stream any of the files then you will have to plug out the USB drive from your Arlo?s base station. While the USB will be removed the camera will start saving the data to cloud only. The saving of recorded files to external USB drive will be stopped while streaming the saved files. If you do not want to miss any of the local recordings, then you can plug in another USB drive for recording while streaming the data from previous storage drive. Now, if there are recorded files on your USB drive and you wish to access them then kindly refer to the following procedure.

Steps for streaming video files saved on external USB storage drive.

  1. Download the arlo or?Arlo Pro Login?app and open it. If you are unable to download the application, then visit to view the login page.
  2. Sign in to an Arlo account by correctly submitting the Login ID and password details of that corresponding arlo account.
  3. Once your arlo account opens up, locate the ?Settings? menu and click on it.
  4. Under settings menu you will find an option labeled as ?My Devices.? So click on ?My Devices? and select the Arlo base station that is connected with an external USB storage drive.
  5. Locate the ?Local Storage? menu and click on it. There will be an option for ?Storage? settings. So, click on it to view the connected USB storage devices under it.
  6. Select the USB drive whose recorded data needs to be accessed. By default, all the linked USB drives will show up according to their serial number. In case, you have given names to them then their name will be displayed. Else, they will appear as USB drive 1, USB drive 2 and so on till the number of connected drives.
  7. After selecting the drive click on the option to ?Safely eject the USB drive.?
  8. Wait till the un-mounting of USB drive is in progress. Once the drive is un-mounted, you can plug out the USB drive from the camera?s base station. After removing a drive if there is another drive connected to it, then the base station will start recording the content to that drive.
  9. Connect the USB drive to a computer by plugging in the drive to its USB port.
  10. Wait till the inserted USB drive becomes available for access from the computer. Once the drive is ready for access, click on it to open and view the saved recorded files.
  11. Go to the Arlo folder and there you will find all the recorded files. Click on any of the recorded files that you want to stream. All files will be assembled in a date wise format.

In this way you can easily access all the recorded files saved on the local external storage drive. All the steps were designed to be simple and easy. Still, if you find any problem at any of the steps, then feel free to get in touch with?Arlo Support Number?team for advanced troubleshooting.

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