How To Support Arlo Steps For Correct Positioning Of Arlo Go Security Camera?

Arlo Go security camera needs to be positioned correctly to enable efficient coverage. If you have newly bought an arlo go camera and are trying to position it correctly, then here?s the complete procedure to guide you in positioning it. Just follow the procedure in its provided sequence and the camera will be all set for an efficient coverage.

In order to enable efficient coverage, the Arlo Go must be positioned correctly. If you are facing any coverage issues or trying to configure a new Arlo go camera, then kindly refer to the following?Netgear?Arlo Setup?procedure.

Steps for correct positioning of Arlo Go security camera:

  1. Select a position within the excellent LTE network range: Make sure the place you have kept your Arlo Go camera, is receiving efficient LTE network range. In case, of weak LTE network coverage you can go through the following arlo support steps for optimizing the LTE connectivity.
  • Check the network coverage map provided by your internet service provider and make sure the camera is placed within the specified coverage regions only. The fluctuation of LTE network coverage is normal as it keeps on varying according to network congestion and traffic.
  • Check the LTE network strength where the Arlo Go camera is placed. You can do this by simply viewing the signal strength in any mobile placed within that region.
  • If the signal strength is found to be good then position your arlo over there only. After posting the camera go through the following steps for checking network strength of Arlo Go security camera:
  • Open the arlo application and sign in to your account. If you do not have the app, then visit? view?Support?Arlo Com?sign in page. Once, the sign in page opens up login to your arlo account.
  • Go to ?Settings? menu and select that particular Arlo Go camera.
  • Move the cursor to ?General Settings? and ensure there are at least three signal bars available.
  • Ensure that the Arlo Go security camera is placed far from all electronic equipments and big obstructive metal objects. The minimum distance from all these devices must be up to 2 meters.
  1. Try to cover high traffic regions within the viewing range of Arlo Go: All Arlo Go cameras are featured to an approximate 110-degree angle of viewing.
  2. Aim the Arlo Go camera with cloud: One must utilize ?Position? mode of Arlo for instantly saving the copy of videos to cloud database. This will allow the Arlo Go to Aim while viewing recorded data on Arlo mobile applications for adjusting the position of Arlo on real time basis. Following are the steps for configuring Arlo to position mode.
  • Login to your arlo account either through?arlo netgear login?page or application.
  • Locate the particular Arlo camera and click on the option for ?Menu? available under it.
  • Go to ?Device setting,? click on device utilities and turn on the option for ?Camera Positioning.?
  • The arlo will start recoding and you can keep on adjusting it till a satisfactory view becomes available to you.
  1. Uplift your Arlo Go security camera. Place it at around 2 meters above the ground level and aim it a bit towards the downside to avail an efficient sensor performance.
  2. Make sure the sideways traffic is in intersecting position to Arlo?s viewing field: It is said that Arlo cameras are less sensitive to the movements that take place strait towards its viewing field. The movements occurring sideways to the Arlo?s viewing field of are often accurately detected by Arlo camera. So, for efficient recording, one must ensure the camera is positioned in sideways to the traffic aligned areas. On an average, the best movement detecting range is defined as 1.5 meters to 6 meters in front of the Arlo Go security camera.

So, this was all how you can correctly position your Arlo Go security camera for efficiently recording. In case you have any doubts about the recording or capturing area, then you must go through a motion detection test and adjust the Arlo Go if required. For more such information kindly call?Arlo Camera Customer Service Phone Number?and avail answers and solution related to arlo.

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