How To Troubleshoot Arlo Camera If It Is Not Synchronizing With The Base Station?

The Arlo line-up security cameras have come with incredible features and functionalities and that?s why they have become an ideal solution while it comes to safeguarding the residential and commercial places. If you have already purchased Arlo security camera and in case your camera isn?t synchronizing with the base station, you can follow the post below.

The Arlo Base Station is capable of connecting to the Arlo and Arlo Pro wire-free cameras in a secure way to the Internet through the home router and also offers long-range connectivity and the best longevity of the battery for your cameras. The brilliant features include Smart Siren, USB local storage backup, and upgrade options. The Arlo Pro Base Station has been supported by the existing Arlo cameras. You have to just replace the existing Arlo Base Station and experience the added security advantages.

It is able to securely connect the Arlo and Arlo pro wire-free cameras to the internet. This incredibly-designed device enables wire-free operation of the incredible Arlo and Arlo Pro cameras. It is capable of connecting a USB drive to the particular base station for the purpose of video backup. 100+ dB siren can be controlled from a remote basis. It includes (1) base station, (1) quick start guide, (1) Arlo logo decal, (1) Ethernet cable, and (1) power adapter.

Whenever you?re going to set up or add a new Arlo Pro Wire-Free, Arlo Wire-Free, or Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free?camera to a particular system, the camera might sometimes fail to sync (synchronize) with the Arlo, Arlo Pro, or Arlo Pro 2?base station.?You have to remember that an Arlo?camera won?t be detected by a particular system as long as it has been synced successfully. You can try the common remedies below for troubleshooting this particular issue. The?Arlo Support?team is there to help you in resolving your queries regarding Arlo cameras.

Place the Camera near to the Base Station

You need to ensure that the particular camera that you?re trying to synchronize is maximum three feet away from the respective base station in times of the synchronizing process. This sync process doesn?t work in case the camera is placed in a distant location from the base station once you pressed and released the ?Sync? button.

Pressing the ?Sync? buttons in the correct order and for the appropriate duration:

In case you?re making use of an Arlo base station, you have to press the ?Sync? button on the side of the particular base station for around two seconds and then you need to release the button.

The noteworthy point is that in case the ?Sync? button on the particular base station has been pressed for an excessive period, the LED placed under the USB symbol will start blinking amber. And if it happens, you have to wait for 15 minutes and then perform the sync process one more time.

If you?re making use of an Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2?base station, you need to press the button placed on the top part of the respective base station for around two seconds followed by releasing of the button.

In this step, you have to wait for the sync status LED on the particular base station to start blinking green.

It?s time to press the ?Sync? button on the top of the particular camera for around two seconds and then you have to release the button.

Next, a blue LED on the camera will start blinking rapidly for confirming the synchronization. You have to sync cameras one at a time.

Now, repeat the same steps for each of the cameras. If you have any difficulty in performing the steps above, you can take help of the?Arlo Tech Support Phone Number.

Checking?Battery Status

Low batteries might prevent your camera from synchronizing to the respective base station. In case the battery is low, the battery icon will become orange.

Checking the?Battery Status?of Your Camera

You have to execute the steps below in order to check your camera?s battery status:

First, you have to launch the Arlo Application or you can also log in to the respective account by visiting

Next, you have to click or tap the menu icon (?).

It?s time to click or tap ?Device Settings.?

The respective battery status would display on the particular Device Settings page.

Checking the Status of the Base Station

If you?re unable to see the base station, you need to add the respective base station to your system prior to the synchronization of any cameras to it. In case your base station has been deactivated, cameras can?t sync to it.

Checking the status of Your Base Station

You need to implement the following steps:

First, you need to launch the Arlo Application or you can log in to the respective account by visiting

It?s time for clicking or tapping ?Settings > My Devices.?

Next, you have to choose your base station.

The device settings of your base station would display.

If you have any query (s) regarding Arlo cameras, you can take?Arlo Help.

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