How To Troubleshoot If An Android Device Is Unable To Receive Notifications Related To Arlo Security System?

Is your android device unable to receive arlo notification? If yes, then here?s the list of reasons that might be stopping your device from receiving arlo notifications. Other than this, here?s the procedure to enable the settings for receiving arlo notifications on an android operating system based device.

An outdated version of Android and arlo application could be one of the great contributing reasons behind not receiving arlo notifications. Apart from this, if the settings for receiving the arlo notifications have been disabled then it could be the reason for not getting arlo notifications on an android device. At present, if you are unable to get arlo push notification on your android based devices then kindly refer to the procedure provided below.

  1. Ensure the firmware version of your arlo or?Arlo Pro Setup?app is not outdated: In case the firmware version of an arlo app is outdated, then users must get it updated to continue the reception of important notifications and alerts related to arlo.
  2. Android firmware update: Make sure the Android device being used is updated with the latest version of firmware. The devices having android version 4.4 or older than this might not be able to receive arlo notifications and alerts. So make the firmware version of Android device is at least more than its 4.4 version. The firmware version can be checked by viewing the device information under settings menu.
  3. Check whether the push notifications have been enabled for that Android device: If the push notification settings for android device are disabled, then this could also be the reason that you are unable to receive arlo alerts. Users may refer to the following procedure to turn ON the arlo push notifications for an Android device.

If you are unable to receive notifications for any of the specific modes of your arlo, then kindly refer to the following steps for turning ON the notifications for that mode.

  • Open the arlo app that is installed on an android device.
  • Locate the ?Mode? menu and tap once on it.
  • Choose the device whose notification settings you wish to edit.
  • After selecting the device, click on pencil like icon present next to its mode that needs to be edited.
  • A set of rules comprising that mode will show up. So, tap once on the pencil like icon available in front of the rule that needs to be edited.
  • Check in the check box available in front of ?Push Notifications? to turn ON the notifications for an android device.

Users can also turn ON the reception of arlo notification from their Android system by following few simple steps listed below:

  • Open the screen lock of your android mobile device and click on ?Apps.?
  • Go to ?Settings? menu and click on the option for ?More? under it.
  • Click once on the ?Application Manager.?
  • Tap on the option labeled as ?Downloaded.?
  • Click once on the ?Arlo app.?
  • Click inside the check box available next to the ?Show Notifications? field to start receiving the notifications.
  1. Ensure your arlo camera is in armed mode: In case your?Netgear Arlo Setup?camera is set to an unarmed mode then you won?t be able to receive notifications related to presently selected mode.
  2. Check if the option for email alerts has been enabled: If you are receiving push notifications but are unable to receive email notifications then kindly refer to the following steps to enable it.
  • Open the arlo application on its installed android device.
  • Click on ?Mode? and select the arlo camera whose notifications need to be edited.
  • Click once on pencil like icon present in front of the mode that needs to be altered.
  • A list of comprising rules will be displayed. So, click once on the pencil like icon available in front of the rule you wish to alter.
  • Click inside the check box available in front of the option for ?Email Alerts.?
  • Tap once on the pencil like icon for email alerts and type in the email address to which the email alert needs to be sent.
  • User can submit multiple email addresses for receiving email alerts. For submitting additional emails users may click on ?Edit.?
  • After submit the email ID users may click on ?Save? and the changes will be retained.
  1. Check and ensure no other apps of an android device are causing hindrance to push notifications. In case, you find any of such applications then try to uninstall them to start receiving arlo alerts and notifications.

That?s how users can troubleshoot whenever they are unable to receive arlo alerts and notifications on their Android device. Hope you enjoyed the information shared here. User may visit?Arlo Com Login?support page to access more such information and arlo support procedures.

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