How To Troubleshoot Netgear Arlo Pro Sync Related Issues?

While trying to setup a new netgear arlo pro, a user might face synchronizing issues. It is one of the essential things that need to be done for detecting arlo camera. In case you are facing same problem then kindly go through the following troubleshooting procedure.

An arlo camera will not be identified until or unless it is correctly synced. The syncing issues can occur due to various reasons like if your camera is quite far from base station, if ever the sync button is not clicked properly etc. If ever you are trying to setup your new arlo security system and facing synchronization issues then here we have few steps to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.

Kindly go through following steps to diagnose and troubleshoot the Arlo sync related issues:

  1. Check whether your arlo camera is located within a maximum area of 3 feet from its base station. If it is not within this specified range of area then kindly get in within the defined range. It is because the arlo will not be able to sync if it is outside the maximum defined range of Base station.
  2. Ensure whether the sync button was pressed accurately or not. The Sync button on the base station needs to pressed down for a minimum of 2 seconds and then released after it. In case the sync button was not hold down for a minimum of 2 seconds then it could be the reason for arlo syncing issues. Also, make sure you press the sync button only when the arlo home security camera and the base station are close to each other i.e. within 3 feet from each other.
  3. Check the status of batteries: Check if the batteries are aligned correctly within the battery compartment of your arlo camera. Ensure the batteries are in good working state. In case the batteries have expired, bring new one and get it replaced. If the batteries are placed correctly then you can check the status of battery by signing it to your respective arlo account. You will be able to view the status of battery through its icon that is located at the top of live arlo camera feed.
  4. Verify the status of base station: Go through following steps for checking the status of your base station.
  • Download and open the arlo application. If you don?t have the arlo application, then kindly visit? sign in to your arlo account.
  • Go to the ?Settings? menu, locate the option for ?My devices? and click on it.
  • Check whether the base station is showing under that list of your devices or not. In case the base station is not listed under ?My devices? tab, then kindly add it to the device list on your system.? Once the base station gets listed then try to sync your alro camera.

Once you have performed all the above listed?Arlo Com Support?steps, try to sync your arlo camera by following the correct procedure for synchronization given below.

  • Hold down the sync button of your base station for a minimum of 2 seconds and release it.
  • Make sure you do not press it for more than 2 seconds. In case, it?s accidently pressed down for more than 2 seconds, then the light in front of USB symbol will start clinking yellow. It this situation you will have to re-sync the arlo. So, leave it ideal for 15 minutes and then press the sync option once again.
  • Keep an eye on the LED light that reflects the status for synchronization. Wait till that LED starts blinking green in color.
  • Now, move towards your?Arlo Camera Setup?and press the ?Sync? button available on arlo for a minimum of 2 seconds and release it.
  • Wait till the LED light on your Arlo camera starts blinking blue. The blinking of blue light will confirm that the alro camera has correctly synced.

So this was all one should do for diagnosing as well as troubleshooting the Arlo synchronization issues. Aside from that we also discussed the correct step by step procedure to sync arlo camera. For more future concerns and advanced troubleshooting related to arlo you can get?Arlo Phone Number.

For better information about?Netgear Arlo Camera?Security and company, kindly go through the company?s website link? Contact?Arlo Com Support.

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