How To Turn ON Spotlight For Arlo Ultra Security Camera?

Arlo Ultra security camera features a spotlight which can be turned ON during night to facilitate enhanced recording of videos. The Spotlight feature can be activated manually as well as set to turn ON automatically when required. To know more, kindly refer to the complete information provided below.

While using Arlo Ultra security camera you can turn ON the settings for spotlight to enhance its video capturing quality. It can be enabled both manually and automatically depending upon the requirement of its users. Either manually turn ON the spotlight through live stream or set it to turn ON automatically whenever any movement is detected under it. While using spotlight, users can vary its brightness as well as behavior. Under spotlight behavior settings menu there is a provision to set the spotlight to glow constantly, flash and pulsate. The detailed description about spotlight and the steps to enable it have been mentioned below.

Spotlight behavior of Arlo Ultra security camera:

  1. Constant: Under this behavior the spotlight will keep on glowing constantly until the spotlight is deactivated or disabled.
  2. Flash: This behavior means that the spotlight will keep on blinking ON/OFF a faster rate.
  3. Pulsate😕 It means that the spotlight will keep on slowly blinking ON and OFF.

As discussed earlier there are two possible ways to enable spotlight. So, at present if you want to enable spotlight for your Arlo Ultra Security camera, then kindly refer to both the procedures mentioned below:

Steps for enabling spotlight feature of Arlo security camera through Live Stream:

  1. Download and install the Arlo application or visit from any of the web browsers available on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Sign in to your arlo account by submitting the account login credentials. Kindly, make sure you type in the login credentials according to their case sensitive format because any discrepancy while submitting the sign in credentials can lead to sign in error.
  3. After you logged in the devices page will open up.
  4. Go to Video feed to view the list of recorded video files of your Arlo Ultra security camera and click on play.
  5. While streaming video feed locate the icon for flashlight and click on it. It will enable the spotlight. Kindly, remember that you can ask for?Arlo Setup?support in case you find difficulty in executing any of these setup steps.
  6. Tap hold the icon for flash light to vary the brightness level of spotlight. Move the slider accordingly and the brightness of spotlight will be adjusted as per your requirements.
  7. After using the spotlight if you wish to disable it, then click again on the icon for flash. This will turn OFF the settings for spotlight.

Steps for turning ON the spotlight feature of Arlo security camera through Device Settings menu:

  1. Visit from any of the web browsers on your internet connected device or if there?s an arlo application installed on your device then open it.
  2. Try to login to an?Arlo Pro Account. Type in the login credentials and click on ?Login? button. In order to avoid login error kindly ensure the credentials are submitted in their case sensitive format only.
  3. After the credentials are verified and you are logged in to your arlo account, click on the ?Settings? menu.
  4. Under settings menu click on ?Device Settings.?
  5. Specify your Arlo Ultra security camera.
  6. Click on ?Video Settings? menu to open it.
  7. Under Video Settings menu click on ?Low light settings.?
  8. Tap once on the slider available in front of ?Spotlight.? Swap the slider available under Brightness settings to vary the brightness levels of spotlight. If required, you can vary the behavior of spotlight to configure it for glowing constantly, flashing and pulsating.

This was how users can turn ON the spotlight for their Arlo Ultra security camera as well as alter its brightness level and behavior. The procedure was designed to be quite simple so that it could be easily interpreted by all. Hope you find it helpful. If you wish to have more such information about arlo then visit?https Arlo Netgear Com?page.? You can also get in touch arlo tech support team in case you require advanced arlo help options.

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