How To Turn The Siren On Or Off Of Your Arlo Pro Base Station?

Most of the people nowadays prefer Arlo cameras due to its incredible features and functionalities. If you?ve already purchased an Arlo pro base station and now want to know about the procedure of turning the siren on or off, then you should follow the post below.

If you?re an owner of a tremendously Netgear?s Arlo Pro camera system, then you would be wonderfully treated with its 100% wireless capabilities. Nevertheless, you might be missing some additional features. If you want to know about different Arlo cameras, then you contact?Arlo Pro Account?support.

The Arlo Pro system?has a requirement of a powerful central hub that would plug into the respective router. However, each and every camera that you?ve already set up can be fully wireless one because they are operating on battery power and make use of Wi-Fi for the purpose of data transmission.

You can mount and place these cameras easily and quickly. It might be a little bit tough to place a camera in a perfect way without watching the live view, specifically when there is a little bit of a lag.

First, you?ve to go to ?Settings > My Devices?. And then you?ve to select the camera.

After that, you need to tap on ?Position Mode?. Then, you would experience the camera?s no-frills live view that would be less laggy and a little bit more responsive. And it?ll help you to place a camera in a less time.

Another worth-considering fact is that you wouldn?t be probably the one in your household who would be benefitted from receiving notification and alerts and from watching the live view of the Arlo cameras.

And the best part is that you can easily share access with the other members of your family. To know more about Arlo products, you can take help of the?Arlo New System Setup.

The users can leave their Arlo cameras in the plugged-in state so as to eliminate the requirement of recharging again. However, the batteries run out of power, it might be advantageous to charge them as long as possible.

The Points to Consider

Before executing the steps for turning on or off your Arlo pro base station, you need to consider the following points:

The default loudness option is the loudest setting of the siren. And it is more than 100 decibels. You mustn?t test your siren while individuals or pets are present in the nearby location to your base station. Exposure of the siren for a long time can result in hearing damage. And it can be detrimental to the health of yours and your family members.

How to turn on the siren of the Arlo Pro Base Station

First, you need to launch the Arlo application or you can also log in to the respective Arlo account by visiting

Now, you?ve to slide the drawer, placed at the top port of the page down.

Next, the Alarm button would be displayed. Next, you?ve to click the ?Alarm? button.

In this step, click or tap ?Yes? to provide confirmation that you are ready to turn the siren on.

Another worth noting point is that the loudness of the siren is determined by the loudness associated with siren trigger rule for the mode that is presently active on the base station. In case the active mode doesn?t feature any siren trigger rules, the siren would go to its loudest setting by default.

How to turn off the?siren of the Arlo Pro Base Station while in the nearby location of the base station?

First, you?ve to start the Arlo application or you can also log in to the respective?Arlo account by visiting

Now, you?ve to click or tap the ?Alarm? button in order to turn off the siren. Whenever the siren would be enabled, the Alarm button converts yellow.

You can visit?Arlo Netgear Com Login?in case you have experienced issues in accomplishing the above steps.

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