How To Use The Pan And Zoom Feature In The Arlo App For Live Footage Viewing?

Arlo line-up cameras have become prominent owing to their incredible features and functionalities. And now if you want to make use of the pan and zoom feature in your Arlo Application for viewing of live footage, check the post below.

It?s true that the setup process of the Internet-connected home security system is becoming easier day by day, however, still, you might need to deal with cables to start the operation of all the fancy HD cameras. But, Arlo Pro line of cameras is capable of keeping track of your residential place without wires. And these cameras last for several months on a single charge. You can take help of the?Arlo Support?to know about other Arlo line-up cameras.

After blowing minds with the original brilliant Arlo Pro security camera, the Arlo Pro 2 camera has improved the resolution and also added new features. Simultaneously, Arlo has launched its brilliantly-designed AI-enabled Arlo Smart system for providing a tough competition to its competitors. Although the Arlo 2 security camera is featured with drawbacks, the gap is getting narrower day by day.

The Arlo Pro 2 security camera shares most of the appearance with the previous version. Moreover, it is capable of connecting to the same base station and thus it has saved you from further investment for adding new cameras to an existing setup. The addition of Arlo devices is straightforward and it basically works in the first effort. You have to click the ?Sync? button on the respective base station. Next, you need to press the respective button on the camera and hold them in a nearby proximity for a couple of seconds. Congratulations! Your camera has been paired.

The particular base station has a requirement of a wired Ethernet connection that might be a pain. Nevertheless, the dedicated Wi-Fi signal of 2.4GHz of low-power for the respective cameras makes sure that they are getting power. The particular base station can also provide support to the removable storage that means you can save each and every clip on a USB drive or a thumb drive.

The basic Arlo Pro 2 package has come with the base, ranging between two and six cameras along with the magnetic wall mount. You can also place the cameras on a ledge or table, owing to its flat rubber foot on the bottom part. In case you?re having Arlo Pro mounting accessories, they should perform fine with the incredibly-designed Pro 2.

Another worth-considering point about the Arlo 2 Pro security camera is that it can be mounted in anyplace throughout your home and even outside in a distant location from a power outlet. It has been rated with IP65 that means it is water and dust-resistant. The Arlo 2 Pro camera can operate decently from -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. To know more about the Arlo Pro 2 security camera, you can take help of the?Arlo Tech Support.

How to Pan and Zoom Live Video?

You can easily pan and zoom for focusing on the high-definition details of any of the live or recorded videos. Now, let?s check the steps below by which you can pan and zoom live video:

First, you have to launch the Arlo application or alternatively, you can also log in to the respective Arlo account by visiting The Cameras page would display on the screen.

Now, you need to click or tap the ?Play? icon on the respective camera whose footage you?re looking for.

To pan and zoom by using a mobile device, you have to follow the steps below:

You need to use the pinch gesture in order to zoom in and zoom out of the video.

Now, it?s time to touch and drag for moving around the zoomed-in frame.

In order to pan and zoom by using a computer, follow the steps below:

If you want to zoom in and zoom out, you have to click the ?Zoom? icon.

Now, make use of the mouse for moving around in the frame.

If you have any query regarding the above steps, then you can take help of the?Arlo Help.

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