What’s New In Arlo’s Doorbell Camera?

Arlo has brought us the best of security cameras since day one. The public perceives Arlo as a hi-tech security device to secure their beautiful homes and offices. If you have also installed Arlo device in your home or office. At home, you can install the cameras in the backyard or garage, whereas in the office, you can install them where all the confidential documents are kept. With 2K video resolution, a siren that walls at the entry of intruders, 160-degree viewing capability and two-way audio, you can expect foolproof security of your house or office.
Let’s discuss its video recording feature in detail.
As you know, these cameras give you the option of having a conversation with the person on both ends of the device with the help of Arlo Smart application and also let you record the video if, any motion is detected. Gone are the days when the recording needed wiring with its surveillance camera to record. Now, your device will start downloading the video as soon as it detects any tiny movement around it and provides you with evidence of any action that is taking place in the confinements of your home or office.
Earlier, this motion detection uses to figure out the intrusion before starting the recording. However, there wasn’t ample space for you to store the whole footage therefore; you lose precious data on how the tragedy took place. Since you don’t have the entire data so, you are not aware as to what actually transpired. A lot of the important footage was lost and you have no idea as to how to retrieve it.
This new feature has boosted the functionality of Arlo security cameras and related to an exponential rise in the customer base.
When Arlo Pro 2 Camera was launched in 2018, Arlo manufacturer introduced a new feature named, ‘Look Back’. The motive behind adding this feature was to record a buffer-free video if any motion is triggered, letting the owner find out the details of actions that have taken place. As, you have known that Arlo 2 is a wireless camera, which runs on battery power that charges through solar energy or with the help of a power adapter. But, Lookback feature was only available if you have installed a wired power-supply with the device.
The Look Back feature is also available in Pro 3 and Ultra, as these are the recently launched Arlo models, but were missing on Arlo doorbell video Camera. The inclusion of the Look Back feature in DoorBell Camera came as a pleasant surprise because of the incredibly small size of the camera. Having a Look Back Feature within a doorbell can be installed with the help of wired supply. You can connect the camera to the closest power supply. The function was also renamed for the doorbell from ‘Look Back’ to ‘Foresight’. If you want to access this feature in Arlo Doorbell Camera, then you can take the help of Arlo Support.