Netgear Arlo Pro Security Cameras

One of the key aspects for any building, organisation, institution or just plain household is a strong security system. When you have so many options available in the market with regards to choosing good quality security cameras from the market, It can be a little confusing to select the camera that would best fit for your own personal requirements. Although there are many different cameras to choose from that are top notch in their quality with their own set of unique features, let us look at some of the features of security cameras and see the pros and cons of each type. We will examine their levels of maintenance requirements, their reliability, quality of service and durability in order to decide which one is more superior.

Types of Security Cameras:

Going by the broad definition, there are two types of security cameras: the traditional wired security cameras and the new set of wireless security cameras.

When it comes to traditional wired security cameras, they have an advantage over wireless security cameras over the fact that they can be more difficult to tamper and might be less susceptible to malfunction. This is because all the information is transferred via wires and cables, so the danger of losing data due to poor Wi-Fi signal or intruders with advanced gadgets tampering with the wireless security cameras with the help of jammers that block all Wi-Fi and network signals is negligible. Therefore, they are more vulnerable to being remotely tampered with as compared to wired security cameras.

However, the downside of the having wired cameras is the cost of building infrastructure suitable for the cameras and their maintenance. In general, it can be a bit more troublesome when it comes to fixing the wired security cameras in case problems arise. A broken wire can be hard to find and fix if an entire building is covered with a maze of wires of different cameras. They would also need special infrastructure so that all that wiring of all the security cameras can be installed without disrupting the visual aesthetics of the property. The other downside is that it can be more difficult to change the position of the wired security cameras. With wireless cameras, they can just be taken out and put in another place without much effort. However, with wired cameras, even the wires would have to be rearranged so as to facilitate the new position of the cameras.

So when it comes to protection from higher level of security threats, wired security cameras fare better, but for the people who don’t deal with highly sophisticated intruders and for people who are looking for convenience, then wireless security cameras are the way to go.And currently, one of the leading wireless security systems in the market is the Netgear Arlo Pro Security Cameras. They are modern in design, easy to use, highly sophisticated and provide excellent quality video surveillance footage.

About ARLO:

The Netgear Arlo Pro Security cameras are a series of cameras that consist of the Netgear Arlo Pro and Netgear Arlo Pro 2, both of which have been best selling security cameras in the market. They were originally created by Netgear and were just part of the Arlo security camera series. But because of their extreme success, Netgear decided to branch out Arlo as a whole new subsidiary company. So now, Arlo cameras are not just a series of Netgear but are products of a completely new company, Arlo.

About the product:

Netgear Arlo Pro Security cameras come in many different packages. You can buy just a single Netgear Arlo pro camera setup or a buy in sets of twos and threes. Each setup comes with a home base system, which, as the name suggests, acts as a base for all the cameras to send their information. Every package of Netgear Arlo Pro Security system would come with a base station with built-in siren and power adapter, a camera power adapter, a camera power cable, Ethernet cable to connect the camera to the internet, outdoor security mount with screw set, quick start guide, rechargeable battery pack, wall mount with screw set and window decals. The security mounts are magnetic in nature, which would keep the cameras firmly fixed at any angle you would want.

Pro App:

The settings of the Netgear Arlo Pro security cameras can be configured via the Arlo app, which is available free on Google play store for android smartphones and on Apple store for IOS smartphones. Once you create an My Arlo Login account, you can fix the timers at which the cameras go on and off and fix their motion sensitivity levels with a single touch of a button. You can also access the recorded footage from this app anywhere you want. The app stores 1 GB of data of the last 7 days for free. You can avail a monthly subscription model to lift these restrictions.

Types of Arlo Cameras and accessories Arlo products:

Here is a list of 8 types of Arlo camera and accessory products that you can buy right now to enhance the security of your property and your loved ones.


The first in the Arlo camera series. It is a wireless security with highly sophisticated technology that can provide 720p high definition quality recordings. It is built and certified to withstand in all kinds of climate. It has advanced features such as motion detention system and night vision which makes sure that it does not miss out on any kind of intrusion at any kind of lighting situation. It is accompanied by Arlo app, which you can use to configure the settings of Arlo camera, and it comes with 7 days worth of cloud storage service of all the recorded footage. All Arlo cameras are compatible with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Stringify so you are free to integrate all the settings with your home assistants as you see fit.

Arlo Pro:

The second in the Arlo series, this wireless security camera has all the features of the previous version, ?along with new features like wide angled PIR lenses which can detect motion in the a wider coverage area, ?a 2-way communication system where you can talk to the a person who is in front of the camera from your phone, a smart siren fixed on the home base station that triggers on detection or you can trigger remotely, options for local storage and back up on an external storage device and finally the option to plug the camera if you wish it to be wired.

Arlo Pro 2:

The third and latest in the Arlo pro series, the Arlo pro 2 brings more features with itself that the other two lacked such as 1080p HD quality recordings, an activity zone system in which certain areas in the camera view can be focused upon for detecting motion and sound better, a 3-second look back feature that would let the camera capture the footage of the events that took place 3 seconds before the camera was triggered and a new and better 24/7 CVR system for non stop recording on the cloud.

Arlo Go:

This highly portable security camera comes with on-the-go LTE wireless service technology. It has all the features that are present in the Arlo pro series cameras, but the additional benefit that comes with Arlo Go is that it can be taken anywhere. Instead of being limited to the range of the home base system, it has its own network service with the help of LTE facility on it that would help you connect to the camera from anywhere. It however requires a registered LTE sim card.

Arlo Q:

This is a highly convenient and easy to use indoor security camera. All one needs to do is plug the security camera and it is good to go. It is an indoor security camera that can record all videos at 1080p HD resolution and comes with a variety of features such as motion sensing system, night vision, a 2 way communication system, cloud storage system and is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Stringify.

Arlo Q plus:

This is the latest version of Arlo Q, the Arlo Q plus has everything that Arlo Q does, but has an additional feature of an Ethernet port which makes it all the simpler to connect it to the internet. Just plug the Ethernet cable on its Ethernet port and you are good to go.

Arlo Baby:

An extremely cute and hi-tech baby monitor that has a unique bunny shape design, the Arlo Baby is a highly advanced security camera that can alsoArlo Baby act as a night light as well as a music player. It has all the features such as motion detection, infrared, night vision, a 2-way voice communication system, a cry detection system to send alerts whenever the baby cries etc. However, Along with that, it can also be used to play lullabies for the baby during his/her sleep. You can also record your own voice and play it. Further, it can be used as a night light with the option of choosing any of the thousands of colors available because of the LED lighting. All this can be automated to go off at a particular or can be remotely triggered from the Arlo app. It also has Air sensors that can monitor the humidity levels, temperature levels etc to ensure that your baby is not being inconvenienced.

Arlo Security Light:

This security light has more features than just being an outdoor light. Although it can provide over 400 lumens worth of light, it can also detect movement with its motion sensors. Based on the settings, Arlo security light either can send alerts to the owners or can start flashing to warn the intruders. It can also be connected with the Arlo cameras so that their recordings can be triggered whenever the Arlo security light detects something. The lights are fully customization with thousands of color options to choose from and can be configured to turn on and off on their own with timers. They can also be voice activated as they are fully compatible with Amazon Alexa.